About calima

I was always looking forward to drinking it.

today isfor your favorite coffee

I may meet you.

wherever you drink your coffee

No matter what coffee beans you buy,

I expected and was disappointed many times.

But I like coffee, so I can't do it every day.

Endure that unpleasant feeling that remains in your mouth after drinking,

Distract yourself with sweet sweets.

Sometimes I cheat with sugar and milk,

I've been drinking like that all my life. ​

really only coffee

I just want to enjoy it.


For unsatisfactory coffee

Continuing to waste time and money

It's hard.

I bought it

Take a sip of a few hundred grams of coffee,

When it was full of miscellaneous flavors and not delicious

I don't even want to imagine it.


From my own thoughts,

Coffee calima was born.

i feel it when i drink coffeesickness,

headache,That discomfort that clings to your mouth.

and as it cools

That feeling that I can't drink more and more.

they are all

It is caused by the harsh taste that is created during roasting.


At Kalima, we

To remove the ultimate

We do not rely on large roasters or mass production.

almost all processes

Commitment to small lot roasting done by hand,

made this taste possible.

high purity

Coffee brewed with real coffee beans,

I don't choose how to brew or the scene.

adapted to your lifestyle

How to brew it to your likingEnjoy a cup of coffee.

People who are busy with desk work

Those who drink several cups a day,

Those who want to put it in a water bottle and take it with them on the go.


Even if it's cold, until the last drop

Same deliciousnessThis coffee

I will accompany you as long as you allow me.

never tasted in a cafe

A special coffee life,

Please enjoy it to your heart's content.  

Choosing Coffee Beans